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The Difference between Forever French and Other Nail Salons? There are Many! Nail salons pop up all over town. People may ask themselves, are all nail salons the same? Many of these choices are Asian owned, does that make a difference? Forever French clients would answer, absolutely yes! The service and quality at Forever French is far exceeds any new or even established salon. In fact, it could be described as the Nordstrom’s quality in the industry. Clients may initially be satisfied with "another salon," UNTIL they experience a Forever French manicure. Those new salons may be tempting if you judge them by their shiny new signs, but that does not reflect their quality of work. In fact, Forever French launched its Norwood location long before any of these salons opened and is still considered the premier nail salon in the area, barring none! Clients remain loyal to Forever French not just for their quality, experienced work. They also continue their patronage because of their talented and friendly staff. Most of the technicians have been with owner Kerry Webber since the beginning, that would be over 27 years! No high turnover here. In addition to maintaining a professional relationship, friendships are developed and the atmosphere is welcoming and consistent. Should an occasional vacation occur, clients receive the same excellent service from anyone stepping in as they have come to know every person who walks in their door, at either their Norwood or Franklin location. Forever French also uses their own signature acrylic and gel line, Forever French Nail Systems, which by the way, is sold to other salons to emulate the resilience of their manicures. Their nail technicians even train others at national nail shows to demonstrate their techniques and products. In addition, Forever French has always been committed to training and offering the latest trends in nail care and fashion; the latest development, Correction Pedicures.

Why Forever French Pedicures Are Different Than The Rest. At Forever French nail salons in Norwood and Franklin, MA, we take foot care seriously. We treat each and every client with unique individuality, provide an extensive initial evaluation and prescribe either a classic or medical pedicure. Statistics show that 80% of the population has a foot disorder and needs at least one medical pedicure to start. Disorders can range from planets warts, corns, callus build up, ingrown toe nails, thick nails, cracked skin, hot feet, cold feet, diabetes, blisters, peeling skin, discolored nails, fungus, yeast infected toe nails, foot odor and more. When considering nail salons treating that 80% of the population with one or more of these disorders, chances are high that you could leave your finished pedicure without knowing you have been exposed to these ailments. Imagine other salons not cleaning their tubs with the correct solutions to kill diseases, which leaves you extremely vulnerable to inherit these conditions from previous clients. Our tubs and jet canals at ForeverFrench are cleaned with ammonium chlorides, (MA Board of Health and Board of Commonwealth compliant), and our drain covers taken off and immersed in bleach for 10 minutes. Our implements are given the same stringent processes, cleaned with bleach between each use (you won't see them sitting in blue solution), and we use foot files, buffers and files only once on each client. We will always ask you if you are pregnant or diabetic. Our nail technicians have an in-depth knowledge and the equipment to service any client and we will use specialized pedicure tools or electric files to provide a successful pedicure experience. We also might suggest a pedicure foot treatment to repair any disorders and can successfully treat ingrown toe nails. Experience the pleasure and health benefits of a ForeverFrench pedicure. You and your feet will leave our salon relaxed, beautiful and extremely happy. To ensure enough time to personally care for each client, all pedicures are by appointment only.

Add some Sparkle to the Traditional Pink and White For the holidays.    This is the time of year when our clients often opt out of the box and add some sparkle to their nails to celebrate the holiday season. At Forever-French NailSystems, we give our clients many options to enhance their traditional pink and white acrylic nails and provide the products that will shine throughout the season. The gold digger, carnival, red, green and silver acrylics, provide that fun Holiday look. Adding these rich gold tones will boost their outfits for those fabulous parties. ForeverFrench NailSystems gels are made to use alone or to mix in any pure glitters–for the gel lovers. Nail art is also an great choice to add a sprinkle of holiday to an acrylic application. You can apply any image, from holly, to a Christmas tree, to a wreath, and even a menorah. Aside from holiday figures, why not add a winter scene and try a snowman or snowflake? We recommend purchasing a stamp kit, it will make your holiday nail art a cinch! At ForeverFrench NailSystems, we stay up-to-date on all the seasonal trends and encourage our clients to flaunt today's looks seen on the runways and fashion magazines. Show them don't have to be a super model to look fashionable! The pink and white acrylic is our signature staple acrylic application at Forever-French NailSystems and while we continue to provide that traditional treatment to our clients, we also want to give them options, oftentimes suggestions they have not even thought of. Our clients trust us to evolve with the industry and we are committed to deliver. You are our most important concern and we want you to make your clients' nails shine the brightest throughout the holiday season from head to toe (to hand)! The outfit might be mind blowing, but to complete the look, suggesting adding a little glitter or nail art to the manicure. Your clients will feel fabulous and their admirers will always ask, "where do you get your nails done?"