Norwood Location

Pink & White Rebalance $41.00
Pink Rebalance $35.00
Pink & White New Sets $75.00
New Sets with Polish $65.00
French Manicure $28.00
Polish Change $15.00
French Polish Change $18.00
Gel Polish Change $30.00
Gel French Polish Change $33.00
Clean Up $20.00
Hand / 3D Nail Art $10.00
Repairs $5.00 *& up
Toe Gel Polish Change $30.00
Toe Polish Change $15.00 & up
Acrylics/Hard Gels – same price $3.00 extra
per broken nail
Colored Powders and Glitter are available for the tips of the nails and nail art.
NOTE: Each and every client that has a pedicure with us is ensured a sterilized tub
*Prices subject to change without notice
**Please Note: Some nail tech’s prices may vary

Gehwol Medical Pedicure Products
We are certified to recognize and treat:
Ingrown toenails, toe nail fungus, bunions, athletes foot,
planters warts, sweaty feet, cold feet and more!
Schedule a medical pedicure for any of these treatments.

For appointments call:
Norwood: 781-278-9877 or
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47 East Vernon Street • Norwood, Massachusetts